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5 Simple Paleo Dinners? Is there such thing?

Written by Lolly

Of course there is. I know meal time we can all grab what is fastest option to us and regret it after it’s too late. I live a fairly hectic lifestyle working, gym, walking my dog and blogging and making sure I see my family everyday and I am sure the majority of you are the same? Let us know what your favorite Paleo Meals are? We’d love to know!

So I’ve set out 5 of my favourite Paleo Meals for you that you can make in less than 15 mins. My favourite is the Cauliflower Mash hmmm yummy. It tricks you into thinking your eating spuds or rice. Try it I promise you will be AMAZED at how it fools the mind and genuinely it is so Delicious.

Spinach and Ham Scramble

When you decide to break your fast (breakfast), eggs are always a good option. I love Eggs.

Mini Meatballs

Meatballs are the perfect make ahead recipe. You need to be smart about food prep, especially during busy weeks. Meatballs are a staple because you can freeze them (cooked) and defrost during a busy week. I try to keep frozen meatballs in packs of 4-5 for emergencies. There are days when I know I cannot cook, and so I just take them out in the morning.

Roasted Asparagus Salad
I love making my asparagus like this. It brings a whole new meaning to asparagus. The sliced almonds give a perfect crunch texture to the dish. Don’t forget some lemon juice on top.

Chicken Nuggets
These chicken nuggets are just so delicious! I love them hot or cold!

If only I could describe my love for Cauli-Mash. It’s a great basic recipe that tastes a lot like mashed potatoes. I love it!

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