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An Aspirin a Day can keep Cancer Away!

Written by Lolly

Let’s hope this is the answer although I sincerely doubt it!

If it is the case we will be all popping them like smarties and then they’ll find some excuse to whip them off the shelves don’t you know it!

I think every family has had a loss or suffered from Cancer in some shape or form with the big “C” word. If Aspirin is the answer then there is a God.

According to a new Study Aspirin can reduce your chance of getting cancer. The research shows that long-term use of aspirin significantly reduces the risk of developing major cancers, mostly affecting the digestive tract, and dying from them.

A further study shows that Aspirin can prevent Heart Attacks.

There are side effects to taking Aspirin mainly due to internal bleeding and strokes. However, the scientists believe the scales are tipped firmly towards aspirin when weighing up the risks and benefits of the drug.
So maybe an Aspirin a day will keep the Doc away I’m not a Doctor I don’t know I need more convincing I think but please do check with your GP before you decide to pop the little white tablet.
Don’t want anything happening to you all

Love Lolly xx

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