An Evening With The Wolf

Written by Lolly

My thoughts on the Wolf of Wall Street Jordon Belfort at the RDS Tuesday Night.

I watched and listened to him very closely. He was wired to the moon drinking a can of beer on the stage. Very free with his tongue (a bit like me) and not afraid to throw a few f’s out there.

At one stage he reached into his pocket and sniffed out of a tube in his hand claiming it was herbal. He claimed it opens up his airways and relaxes him. Ye right! I’m not convinced I think, there may have possible been some crushed up loods or a bit of Charlie going on up there….

Whatever it is, he sure is one very clever intelligent guy who knows how to get the crowd going. He had the RDS rocking, we were high fiving and hugging strangers. Felt a bit like a Gerry Springer Show.

So the big question? Has what Belfort achieved to date been Rocket Science? No certainly not in my view. He simple came up with an idea, a plan and a strategy and implemented it while he was banged up in a cell with Tommy Chong of “Cheech and Chong.”

While Belfort served 22 months in prison in Taft, California, for fraud and money laundering, Chong was at the same time serving a nine-month sentence for selling drugs. Two of kind banged up together.

They became friends and used to tell each other stories at night. Belfort had Chong rolling hysterically on the floor. The third night Chong goes, “You’ve got to write a book.” So Belfort started writing and Despite million-dollar movie deals being offered his way, Belfort eventually chose the cheaper $330,000 deal that would allow Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio to tell his story.

Since its Christmas Day release, “The Wolf Of Wall Street” has raked in $338 million at the global box office and was up for five awards at the Academy Awards and I’m sure you will all agree it’s one of the best movies out there at the moment.

Belfort is now a motivational speaker doing world tour. He constantly SOLD himself on that stage. He is a born Sales person. A born entrepreneur. Think BIG. think global that’s the advice from the real Wolf of Wall Street to Irish Entrepreneurs. He is convinced that now is “the greatest time” in Ireland “for super savvy” start ups to make their fortune.

He has claimed to down 50,000 pills and blow $100,000 on hookers. Jesus, Waterford Escorts would had a field Day! Me love you long time!

Jordon said if he had his hands on the levers of power in Ireland he would introduce “specific laws” which would “encourage and incentivise” our go getters. “Jobs are created and wealth is created that way, so he would really encourage an entrepreneurial mindset” he said. Wise words I think from an ex con artist!

Belfort said “He’s been rich he’s been poor but lack of money is a passport to misery” “Failure is people holding you back and not believing in yourself”

He went on to say that “That money is not the bees all and ends all but you will lead a very complicated life without it. Which is so true. You are nothing without money. You don’t exist in my opinion.

I personally found Belfort very inspiring and he has lifted me to another stage. I believe that what you focus on you will attract. In otherwords, if your walking around all day focusing on shit that is all you’ll attract! You’ll become one big massive Shit Magnet.

Standards indicate where we all end up. We all choose our own destiny. Stop complaining and carrying on about the Global and Irish recession and that there are no jobs out there. You are what you focus on. Get up and get it. Stop blaming others. Blame yourself and then do something about it to change it.

What you put in you get out. You may not visible see an immediate positive outcome but you will eventually. Just keep chipping away. NEVER give up and cut out all the shit and NEGATIVE people in your life. Start today.

I also learnt from Belfort that a leopard will NEVER changes their spots! Belfort honored to go to the VIP room so that the people who paid extra for their tickets could meet him in person and get a photo with him. I waited and waited and waited. He never showed up

It was very disappointing to say that he could not honor his word. My Granny thought me – that a person with no word has no character…. Wise Lady. It would make you wonder about the Wolf. While he’s very intelligent and very successful you are nobody without your word!

He has left with me both a positive and negative image of him. Which I feel he could have avoided. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time I will be bumping into the Wolf. The next time I will be introducing myself as the “Wolferine” but the only difference is I’ll always keep my word

Go chase your dreams everyone don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. Just don’t take your eye off the ball xxx

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