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Creating your Perfect Winter Wardrobe Lolly Style!

Written by Lolly

Where is the Winter I am wondering? I’m sitting here on my bed looking out my bedroom window all snuggled up in my cosy pj’s listening to the rain belting down pondering on what to blog about that will interest all my lovely followers so I think what better than the perfect Winter Wardrobe.

I didn’t even get dressed today just a total lazy ass day. This morning I cleared all my Summer outfits to the back of my wardrobe and I checked out what exactly have I for the Winter. Well firstly I need a shopping spree I have nothing to wear! Any Excuse eh! Realistically I have loads but a girl can never have enough clothes in my opinion.

So what are the essential Winter Clothes to have and to hold to love and to cherish in sickness and in health in your wardrobe? Ha ha

Ok so, firstly, if people are going to Stare, make it worth their while! There are a number of essential items I feel every women should have in their wardrobes.

1. Black Blazer – I have a few of them but my favourite one is my most recent purchase in River Island. It’s a streamlined smart look in this chic black satin blazer. It features ruched sleeve detail. It’s a relaxed design and perfect for throwing over a dress,, pairing with casual outfits or going on a lunch date. I just need more dates that’s another problem (we won’t go there) I paid €80 but I’ll get loads of wear out of it.

2. Designer Jeans – These are a must in Summer & Winter. I always go for Black or Indigo Color for the Winter. You can’t go wrong you can always wear it with a nice woolly oversized Jumper with a pair of sexy high ankle boots or a nice cosy pair of All Weather Boots. Next is great for picking up a pair of these. On Jeans I always go for quality to be honest as I have a big bum. I have a squat ass I suppose so I need my jeans to snug into me. I always buy my jeans in BT2 Dublin. I normally go for GAS. They fit me perfectly. Tommy Hilfiger will also do the job too if you have a big ass like mine. They have a lovely fit. Pop into Glenn Sheridan in the newly renovated Store in Waterford. Tell him Lolly sent you he will look after you.

3. Parker Jacket – A must have is a lined Army or Parker Jacket. Make sure it’s lined and cosy and has a hood to keep your ears nice and warm and snugglybuggly. TopShop have fab ones at the moment, so do Penneys. I find Penneys jackets catch me on the bust the whole time so there not for me. But if you have smaller boobs go for Penneys there just as nice.

4. Hat & Scarf. For me they have to be cashmere. Not only because it’s luxurious and can be pricy but its super soft, warm and comfy. I have them in neutral colours cream and taupe and simply wear them with everything. You can’t go wrong really with these two colours. I have oodles of Penneys Hats & Scarfs too and Top Shop do really Stylish ones. A hat & Scarf will really dress up any outfit and you’ll look the part. You can simply wear them with everything.

5. Leather Pants – Of course every girl has got to own a pair of leather pance. No matter what shape or size you are they will slim you down. They withstand the cold winds and will elevate every look. Invest in some!

6. Over Sized Bag in Black or Tan – Is a must have in my wardrobe. I love River Island Bags. Drop into any River Island Store and they will look after you. In Waterford drop into the lovely Manager Rhia Fitzgerald and her Team. It’s really like going into having your personal shoppers. Lovely genuine Waterford Girls.

7. Leather Jacket – Every Girl Must Have. Every Man I think too! You can team this up with anything really and look really stylish. Last Winter I wore my Leather Jacket a lot with my denim shorts, black tights & polo neck. It never dates really and you can throw it over a dress with black tights etc. You simply can’t go wrong.

8. Military Style Three Quarter Length Jacket. This is a must have in my Wardrobe you can wear this with any outfit really and looks Super Sexy stylish and sophisticated. I love the Savida range in Dunnes Stores. Check it out. You can move this look from day to night or use it for a really hot date if your feeling naughty with little or nothing underneath and nobody would know. Trust Me! It’s a good laugh too getting out of your car and stopping for Petrol and nothing on only your heels and a jacket! You might give your date a heart attack but just have 911 on standby 😉 But don’t get carried away with the Military Look your not in a Fashion Shoot!

9. Tank Tank – Tank Tops are a must have in a any girls wardrobe. They look so impressive teamed with skinny jeans, heels and a blazer. They are so inexpensive too. My favourite are from River Island as they fit my bust better. They have a bit of give in them.

10. Oversized Jumpers – In Khaki Green, Salmon & Cream color. You can team these with leather leggings, or jeans and three quarter length ankle boots and surely get noticed.

The only other tips for Winter Wardrobe I can give you is stay warm and stylish. Nothing as bad as seeing someone freezing cold in the Winter without their wooleys on plus ladies you can get really sick from not wrapping up also. So wrap up!

Love Winter Lolly Style xxx

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