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Firstly, I would like to congratulate you all sincerely on your Exam Results whether you did good or bad you made it through the hardest teenage years of your life. Your now officially an Adult and welcome to the big bad World. If you didn’t get the results you were looking for is all I can say to you is dust yourself off and work harder next year. Go back and repeat it and show them all you DO NOT give up. You stay determined and focused to reach your goals. If you give up you will feel even worse and regret it in years to come. Education is the key to your Destiny. The more you have the further you will go in life I promise and the more rewarding your life will be.

It’s the biggest event that you will have for your teenage years. Looking back at my debs very little planning went into which is very unusual for me. God be with the days. I re-used my Sister Jane’s Debs Dress for my Debs. It was stunning if I do say so I and it turned a few heads!

She got it made down in Cork. It was a beautiful Silk Scarlett Red Sweetheart Dress with fish bone detail and netting underneath. It was very classy and elegant. I kept my make-up to an absolute minimum because my father didn’t allow us to wear it (not that it stopped us). I wore absolutely NO tan. Thankfully I am a bit sallow so that covered that problem. I had to ask for permission to get my ears pierced from him! Yes, can you believe that? And my hair was swept up in a very natural soft looking bee hive with absolutely NO hair colour. Again, my Dad wouldn’t allow it. My mother handed me a glass of wine before I left the house and my Father took it off me. Oh how I laugh today at how things have changed, now they fall out of the parents home even before they get to the venue! Again, each to their own.

It was a really surreal feeling to see all my class mates dressed out of their Royal Blue Sacred Heart of Mary Uniforms all dolled up. I think everyone looked absolutely amazing. We had such an amazing time and I don’t think any of us arrived home until 10am the next morning with breakfast rolls in our hands. Needless to say my Dad had something to say about that! But it was so worth it! I would do it all over again changing absolutely NOTHING.

Nowadays they just have two much choice, they are chauffeured to their Debs via Limo some come via helicopter I believe! They spend months planning their dress like it’s their wedding day and they spend an absolutely ridiculous amount. Looking back on my Debs I think my entire Debs including Spending money for the night was about 300 pounds at the time. God, I feel old.

I can offer all you beautiful ladies out there some advice on your Debs night which hopefully will help you relax. I think the most important thing would be to prep your skin at least a month in advance for a really nice glowing tan. Do not just rock to any Salon to have it applied. Do your homework or otherwise you’ll end up looking like one of the Oop Pa Lump Pa’s from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with your date running off! And then you’ll be “All by yourself” which might not be a bad think if you have chosen a plonker to take with you!

For God sake don’t just bring anyone to the Debs. Firstly, think about it. Is he going to be good looking in the photos beside you or will it be like Beauty & the Beast? I know looks shouldn’t matter but they will when your looking back 20 years later and you say to yourself in the name of sweet Jesus what was I thinking! It will be too late then. On a serious note choose someone with a really good personality and someone you can have a craic with. Isn’t that what your Debs is all about? A celebration of the 6 Horrendous Years you spent being most likely being educated by Nuns (in my case) which were so strict and a celebration of you just about to leave the nest to College Life. So in the words of the wonderful Freddie Mercury that night “You’ll want to Break Free”

Your shoes – I know you’re going to wear the six inch High Heel and no body will talk you out of it. But I can guarantee you you’ll be in your bares by 11pm giving it absolute holly on the dance floor. So my advice get a pair out of Penney’s’ do not spend a fortune on your Debs Shoes or your bag. Most likely you’ll come home without the shoes or the bag.

Your make-up again this is a personal choice. I don’t think I would change anything about my natural make-up look going to the Debs as when you are that age your fresh and glowing naturally anyway and I think it’s a shame to take this away. Stay natural and either apply a small bit yourself or get it applied professional. There are gorgeous Salons about. I can’t recommend Maisy Lou Regan from Waterford enough for make-up application or the gorgeous make-up artist to the stars the lovely Catherine Richard from Wexford AKA (Cookie). I simple can’t forget the wonderful and ever so nice Charlene O’Keeffe whom is based in Co. Kilkenny. You have got to check them all out. Pure Talent is all I can say! They are all on Facebook. Check them out.

The final advice I would like to give you all is on the night be safe not sorry! Drink sensibly if you are going to do so at all. Don’t be the echit that falls around the place and is still spoken about 20 years later on your 20th year Class Re-union. First impressions last don’t forget it. Also, don’t get bogged down with what type of dress your friends will have on the night. You will all have your own unique beauty on the night. Just don’t forget to wear your Invisible Crown. Don’t let any one steal your limelight. It’s your Night but it doesn’t have to be materialistic. Just Smile and the whole room will smile back 😉

Most importantly have an absolute ball and dance your little cotton socks off and don’t forget your camera and of course to say Cheese!

Love, Live, Laugh

Lolly Style xxxx

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