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Feeling Run down? Tired & No Energy

Written by Lolly

I have some suggestions for you that actually work without costing you money.

You need to press the re-set button in your body. Maybe you’re feeling under the weather, maybe you are stressed out, or working out to hard or just working too hard in general!

Whatever way you are feeling rather than laying in bed or feeling like a slob on the couch or feeling sorry for yourself here are some of my suggestions to get back to yourself. Try it it actually Works cause everybody including your partner and your friends are sick of listening to you moaning.

Day of Fasting & Day of Bed Rest.
Are you constantly getting the flu and viral infections? This is not good – something is wrong and it’s your body crying out for help. Maybe you are doing too much partying and burning the candle on both ends! Try fasting the entire body for the day and taking a day of work and just resting. Do not fast when you have a bacterial infection or a cold. Fasting stresses your body when you have a bacterial infection so don’t do it if you have that sort of infection.
Fasting for a viral infection is ok because you can make the infection weaker by not feeding it sugars and nutrients

Have a Green Smoothie
At least once a day. Some people find it hard to stomach the smoothie but don’t think about it you will feel good after you drink it.

Have some Freshly squeezed Juice at least once a day whether it be apples, oranges or grapefruit there is a fruit out there that you are bound to like. Remember, it is always best to have Green Smoothie in the morning though as it is not packed with sugars. The last thing your body needs after a good night sleep is sugar. So leave the juice for later in the day.

If you are feeling tired exhausted and run down. The last thing you might want to take is a shower or a bath. But trust me do it and you will feel much better. It will also help to get rid of any germs that are living on your body. Also be sure to change your bed sheets every day if you are run down it is so important. Again your bed sheets will be hoarding germs so it’s important to keep hygiene at it’s peak.

Go for a walk and get the blood circulation pumping around your body. You may think that by sitting in doors it will do you the world of good. Try going for a walk by the sea and breath in the fresh sea air. It will work wonders for you.

When you get home switch off, turn off you phone and all social media madness. Throw on your favourite movie or read a book. You could also try a hot bath in Epson or Himalayan Salts AMAZING benefits.

Try going for a nice relaxing massage.

I hope this has helped you and you are back to your old self soonzies

Love Lolly, Hank & Harry xx

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Lolly is Ireland’s newest and most exciting blogger, fashionista, lifestyle commentator and general all-round socialite. The former Miss Irish Sun has frequently been featured and photographed with other internationally renowned models from some of the biggest agencies in the world and has magazine shoots with the likes of Miss World Roseanna Davison no less.

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