He’s into you!

Written by Lolly

Does he like you?

Time to wake up Ladies and be able to identify if he is into you or not!

So many of us waste time pondering ah is he really into me. You sit with you bestie over a bottle of wine and you dissect a man’s every single move, trying to figure out is he into you? Irish girls can be shy when it comes to asking a guy on a date. We normally need some Dutch courage. We will start by interacting with you via social media and from there if you get our phone numbers well your as good as in to be honest. Well Almost! You definitely have a first date anyway. So depending on what way you treat her you should bag yourself a second if you play your cards right.

So Ladies here are some sure signs that he’s into you. Wake up and smell the coffee and make the next move before someone else does!

1. He is all over your Social Media via Facebook, Twitter whatever it may be. He is the first to like your photographs. He may leave a comment but you just know he’s paying your attention.

2. He asks you questions that go beyond How are you? He really wants to know more about you, so will ask personal questions, more specific that require more than a yes or a no. Interact with him. You may just enjoy it.

3. He listens to anything you are willing to tell him. Despite the fact you’re most likely wrecking his head. If you care about it he will care about it too once he’s into you.

4. He will be eager to introduce you to the boys to see what way they react to you. This is a pure sign he’s into you. If he didn’t think anything of you he wouldn’t be bothered. You should be chuffed go with it but just be yourself! Don’t put on an act for everybody. Why would you? That’s not the girl he met remember.

5. If he is just so so sweet. If a guy reveals his softer side you, whether it is by using heart eyes emoji’s or complimenting you, he’s showing you a side of himself that not most get to see. So respect that and give him some loving back.

6. If he always wants to be around you. He cancels everything his friends, family to be around you. He’ll leave work early, he’ll go in late or in some cases travels half the world to see you for just a few days!

7. He isn’t trying to get in your pants. Well, eventually, of course…but it isn’t his main motivation. He is content to just talk to you, and doesn’t try to push the physical envelope until you’re ready or send you rude photographs or his Penis like that’s all he has to offer. It’s not all about the the todger Lads! It takes more for us Ladies we want the whole package! Attention, Hugs, Cuddles, Rubs, Loving, Caring we want it all really. Sorry Boys!

8. . He reveals his nerdy side. When a man feels comfortable enough to show you his Star Trek action figure collection with you, you know he’s in it for the long haul. Most men feel intense pressure to be “cool” at all times, so when he expresses his more goofy or nerdy side, it’s a sign that he’s getting invested in you! So acting the goof can be good.

9. I think that you should watch for early signs with your man have a list of things in your head or write them down of the tell tale signs of your last ex which turned out to be a total disappointment. Watch for the small things. It’s the little detail. Also watch what way he behaves when he has few drinks in him. Does he still treat you and speak to you with respect? Don’t take any excuses or make an excuse ah he was drunk he didn’t mean it. A man should treat a Lady with respect at all times and equally she should do the same.

10. Finally, nothing ventured nothing gained go out on a date with him. Go out a date with a few people. Do not commit to any of them unless you find the one that you truly connect with. The one that you can’t stop thinking about day in day out. The one when your phone beeps your just hoping it’s him. You’ll know it when it happens don’t rush it! Prince Charming will come when you least expect it and when you stop looking for it.

11. The same goes for the Boys – don’t be in a hurry to get into a relationship, but don’t be shy either. If you fancy her ask her out! What have you got to lose? He who hesitates is lost my friends.


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