In Love with the Races Lolly Style Tramore Races, Co. Waterford, Ireland

Written by Lolly

Any excuse to let our hair down and strut our stuff!

It’s a time to gather your besties and get all dolled up and parade through the crowds sip champagne on the summer lawns and people watch.

I absolutely loved every single second of it. I felt like I was getting married and loved feeling like Pretty Woman for the entire Day. It was so nice to get admired and get so many nice compliments from all the beautiful Ladies & of course all the men that were suited and booted for the day. Everybody looked absolutely amazing and my hats off to the Organisers of the Tramore Races, Co. Waterford. You did the County Proud. I felt very proud to be a part of it.

The atmosphere and the craic were nothing short of electric. People having the bantering, running up and down to the Totes placing their bets and just having an overall amazing time. It seemed to draw a lot of families Fathers with Sons, Mothers with Daughters, Couples, Brothers having a day out and Sisters. Of course, I was with my Bestie and we had an unbelievable time. I don’t think we bought one drink from the moment we arrived in the door the Gents were buying for us. Everyone was just so friendly.

The style was just something else and I simply just could not keep my eyes off the effort everybody put in both young and old. It was a pleasure to see particularly with Waterford being the worst hit County in Ireland affected by Unemployment and businesses shutting on a daily basis. It really lifted community spirits and gelled everybody together.

I can tell you there was NO recession in Waterford from what I could see on Saturday. Waterford needs more events like this. It drew people from every where and really boosted the economy and moral for the County.

I never entered Ladies Day despite been very prim and proper in my beautiful Fuschia Pink Body Con three quarter length dress with lace detail at the bottom. I wore the dress with a fantastic Head piece that I got from Willow & Wild by the lovely and ever so helpful Bonzie Crotty. She could not have been any more helpful. She asked me to try on my dress and my shoes so that she could match by Fascinator perfectly and that she did. I couldn’t have been any happier. It was so pretty and very girly. I genuinely felt every bit of a Julie Roberts from Pretty Woman my ultimate favourite old time classic movie.

I watched all the beautiful Ladies that had entered and they were so beautiful and pretty. How the judges could choose I simply don’t know. It would have been a very difficult decision for me. I didn’t enter I guess because I didn’t feel a need to compete I was too busy enjoying the atmosphere and soaking it all up. I just wasn’t bothered with the fuss. I grabbed my Cheese Burger and Chip from the beautiful BBQ they had laid on and washed it down with my bottle of Ice Cold Corona with a fresh lime. I was happy enough stuffing my face and just being me!

I honestly can’t say enough about my Day at the Races. I genuinely recommend it to every one. You are guaranteed a fabulous day out and a lovely experience. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the hang over!

It certainly will not be my last time at them. So if you haven’t been to one yet get your pretty little asses in gear and make it your business. I promise you will not regret it. Giddy Up 😉

Love, Live, Laugh
Lolly xxx

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