Lip Fillers this is just a Step too Far!

Written by Lolly

Tulisa Contostavlos is a gorgeous or was a gorgeous girl. Say what you want about her but she oozes sex appeal.

Given how her lips have quadrupled in size over the past several months, it’s hard to believe that her lips just naturally pillowed like that. I’m having a hard time believing those lips are a consequence of nature.

I am all for Cosmetic Surgery if you need it and it will improve your looks together with your self confidence but this is just taking it a step too far. She has destroyed herself, which is a shame, because one of the best things about Tulisa’s beauty was how natural and effortless it looked. She had a freshness about her. She is borderline Daffy Duck now.
She doesn’t need a fake-looking trout pout to take it up a notch. If anything, it only detracts from her look.

She must have very low self esteem to take it to this extreme. It’s very sad. She should leave herself alone.
For everyone who messes around with the idea in their head of a little something extra, theres another who thinks what is that echit doing to her face. Really, it’s each to their own on this one. If it makes you happy do it but I think the photographs of Tulisa speaks for themselves.

If you are going to take the plunge think about it and don’t rush into anything. Ask yourself why you are getting it done in the first place and for God sake ask the opinion of your friends and family don’t end up with a Trout Pout. It can compliment your look but it can also take from it just as easy. Be very careful if your Doctor or whom ever is administrating the procedure recommends a certain size, they are doing that for reason. Take their advice and don’t end up looking like you got a box in the lip from Mike Tyson.
Love Lolly xx

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