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There are a number of things a lassie needs when going on vacation. The items may vary from one to another but there are few musts, I think. Without further ado:

Tip 10: Books/Magazines

Now, this may be obvious to some but trust me you will be thankful for the reminder. Personally, for me I hate reading unless the books are swamped with photographs. I’m a very visual person and I quiet like my imagination (Believe me its VERY imaginative) So if your like me and you don’t like books grap a few magazines. I like the health & fitness ones & Expose!

Tip 9: No Money No Honey – Make sure ya bring Johnnie Cash!

Its happened me before where I have just had my bank card and I got mugged (I’ll never forget that experience in Vietnam). So my suggestion is ALWAYS have cash and your bank and keep both in separate places. If one goes missing you have the other. My poor father is sick of phone calls from me when I’m overseas. Dad, I lost, Dad I got mugged. ”Laura ffs what have ya done now” Ha ha the poor man xx

Tip 8: Soaps/Lotions/Shampoo

Never go on Hols without your Shampoo & Conditioner. I know the hotels will have some but it’s like using washing Up Liquid lets be honest. Plus, who wants to spend their time on holidays running around a resort looking for Shampoo & Conditioners. I don’t I’ll be too busy drinking Cocktails and sunny my back side

Tip 7: Snacks

Try bring a few healthy munchies in your bag because the majority of Airports & Airlines will totally rip you off. Bring the shite too I suppose bit of chocolate & some crisps. If you want to have a nice tipple on your flight. Don’t forget your Bottle of Grey Goose in Duty Free before you board your flight. It’s first thing I’m grabbing in Duty Free I can tell ya that. I won’t even feel the flight. I’ll be in Lalla Land. Thank God. Then just get bojangled for yourself.

Tip 6: The Chaser

You will get drunk. You will feel like crap. You will want to go out again despite it all. And if you aren’t ready with the hangover pill you will puke somewhere you least expect. So pack up on the Nurofen Plus. BTW if they ask you in the pharmacy what they are for do not say a hangover. Just tell them you’ve got Lady Problems. They won’t ask again!!

Tip 5: Driver’s License/ID

Always, ALWAYS keep ID with you. When you’re on vacation you can’t just run back and get it like at home. Cabs back to your room cost money and time. Not the way you want to start your night.

Tip 4: Sunglasses

I’m not into the giant bug-eyed Paris Hilton-style glasses that every likes these days but, to each her own. You need glasses. River Island do gorgeous pairs for 17euro. They will do the job and keep the sun out of your eyes. If you want to have an auld perv on someone then ya can without getting caught!!

Tip 3: Camera

Capture the memories…of your best friend drunk and hitting on a guy who clearly does not speak English. Just make sure no one else gets their hands on it.

Tip 2: Shoes

I cannot overemphasize the importance of properly preparing your footware. I was formerly known to carry one extra luggage bags with just shoes in it. One for every dress. But I’ve copped on (A bit). I only bring five pairs now. Some sensible ones and of course the Stiletto Heel. Cant’ go anywhere without them.

Tip 1: A Back-Up Plan

Never go on Holidays without your own independence no matter who you are going with. It’s so important ya never know ya could end up splitting up or you could get stolen…. Most importantly don’t forget your passport and sur if ya think of it you might want to take some clothes, too!

Finally – Live It Up Love It Up & Take a chance……….
Love Lolly xx

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