Mattifying Base from L’Oréal

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Hello Ladies,

To be honest matte foundations aren’t really my thing, there good though on oily skin and after a few hours on the skin, it gives it a little glow. Matte finishes can be very hard on the skin.
If your skin is that bit dry or dehydrated it will cling to the skin, and can often congeal through the day if you are in a warm or heated environment.

Matte finishes though can look great but they are suited to younger skin that can be oily. Very oily skin will make the foundation slip as dry skin will cause it to sit.

Matte finishes tend to be that bit thicker and can be described as obvious foundation choice for most of us.
A mattifying primer however can look great under a foundation, it will regulate shine just enough to keep your foundation in place and will look more natural than the matte finish foundations.

The Infallible Mattifying Base from L’Oréal (€11.99) is a great option, it’s very silicone-heavy and is absorbent; if your skin doesn’t like silicone then don’t buy this. However, makeup glides over it and the matte finish lasts longer.

The foundation – Infallible Matte 24HR Fooundation (€11.99) – is long wearing and gives a matte finish and also great coverage. It’s oil-absorbing and if your skin is dry, this will highlight blemishes and also will sit in flaky patches; this won’t happen though if you use a primer. I would never wear though a foundation for twenty-four hours, your skin needs to breathe but this foundation lasts long and the coverage is great.

Its beat applied though in thin layers, let each layer dry though before adding another layer.
This duo is available in all Superdrug and Boots stores nationwide.

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