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Overindulged for Easter Ladies and Gents?

Written by Lolly

Who hasn’t? I hope you all had a fab Easter break. I had a really relaxing break just out in the fresh air walking my two dogs Hank & Harry. But now for everybody it’s time to pull the reigns back in and start eating healthy again and don’t wait till tomorrow to start. Start this morning.

Here is what I am going to eat today it might trigger some ideas in your head – It’s also a beautiful day to get the BBQ out why not? You know Ireland we grab the good weather when we can. Why not cook up some nice fish or burgers on the Barbie and serve with some fresh crispy salad.

For my breakfast I had Avocado Salmon, Poached Egg Breakfast which consisted of,
• avocado oil
• garlic salt, to taste
• coarse ground black pepper, to taste
• 1 avocado, chopped
• 1/2 cup onion, chopped
• 2 cups mixed organic greens
• 4 radishes, sliced
• pomegranate seeds
• 4 slices smoked salmon
• 1/3 cucumber


I just placed all the salad on a dish, sprinkled with salt and pepper the drizzled with avocado oil al around (delicious) I served it with some fresh blueberries, mandarin oranges and raspberries on the side.

I placed two servings of the smoked salmon on top bloody delicious

For my lunch today I am going to have a simple Omelette with two beaten eggs, mushrooms, spinach & broccoli. I will serve that with some crispy fresh salad and squeeze lemon juice all over it for the dressing. Hmmmm yummy.


Then for my dinner this evening I am going to have a Rib –Eye steak with my green vegetables, spinach and broccoli
Remember to at least get out for quick walk today in the beautiful fresh air.

ribeye steak

Mostly importantly stay focused. Nothing in life that is worth while comes easy you have got to work at it.
Watch out for the rest of the week more tips and tricks
Have a lovely day

Love Lolly

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Lolly is Ireland’s newest and most exciting blogger, fashionista, lifestyle commentator and general all-round socialite. The former Miss Irish Sun has frequently been featured and photographed with other internationally renowned models from some of the biggest agencies in the world and has magazine shoots with the likes of Miss World Roseanna Davison no less.

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